Retro UI Elements

Retro UI Elements

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50+ modular loops inspired by classic sci-fi movies. Drag and drop to create retro UI animations.


– 44 looping retro UI elements
- 7 building blocks for creating custom UI elements
- 3 retro fonts to add labels, embellishments, and character
– Transparent ProRes 4444 files (H.264 version available upon request)


SOFTWARE: Any video editing software
HARDWARE: 2.4ghz processor or higher
MEMORY: 8gb RAM or higher (16+ recommended)
STORAGE: [4K] 4.33gb of available storage space
[HD] 1.54gb of available storage space


The Classic Sci-Fi Look Without The Hassle

I've always been fascinated with the technology of classic sci-fi films. Technology like HAL's ominous red glow in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Voight-Kampff machine in Blade Runner, or MUTHUR aboard the Nostromo in Alien.

All of these story universes were shaped by the other-worldly technology that lives within them, and now you can create your own sci-fi tech without the need for complicated animation software.

Get The Perfect Visuals For Your Project

Easily drag & Drop elements to create the perfect sci-fi dashboard, or go in-depth and customize color, loop length, labels, layout, and more to get the exact visual your project demands.

Retro UI Elements Font Preview

Everything You Need To Flesh Out Your World

Sci-Fi movies love to invent names for new tech. That's why Retro UI Elements (RUIE) includes 3 retro fonts and 7 building blocks so you can create custom UI blocks & labels without leaving your favorite editing software.

Need a "Thrust Indicator" for your UI but can't find one? Well, you're in luck.

Start making retro sci-fi dashboards without complicated animating software!


How to use Retro UI Elements:

  • Import the Retro UI Elements into your editing software of choice
  • Drag & drop any clip onto your timeline
  • Done!


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