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Save 20% and get all the tools you need to create brain-melting pixel animations.


– User-friendly video converting system to create eye-catching pixel animation sequences
– 7 fully modular presets for a variety of pixelated styles
– 12 pre-made visual assets to get you started
– All packaged in one convenient Adobe After Effects Project File (Compatible with Version CC 17.1 or higher)

Pixel_Encoder (For Photoshop):
– User-friendly photo & graphic converting system to create next-level pixel graphics
– 7 hand-tuned presets for a variety of pixel textures
– Grungy pixel textures to pump up your design game
– Requires: Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher

– 30+ elements and transitions
– Grungy pixel texture
– Transparent ProRes 4444 files
– Compatible with any editing software (Premiere Pro, FCPX, Davinci Resolve, and more.)
– Drag & drop to create stunning pixel visuals

Pixel_Encoder offers functionality like no other.

Pixel_Encoder comes packed with 7 presets to fulfill all your encoding needs. And due to advancements in quantum-pixel technology, all 7 presets can be layered to create never before seen earth-shattering visuals. Pretty cool, right?

"But After Effects Scares me!"

Trust me, you got this. I built Pixel_Encoder to be incredibly user friendly, so VFX beginners can jump in and create stunning animations in a matter of seconds.

Still worried? Check out my video tutorial here where I walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Pixel_Elements: Bringing Pixels To The People

Animation is difficult. But… it doesn’t have to be. That’s why I made Pixel_Elements.

Featuring over 30 drag & drop animations, you’ll never have an easier time creating professional visuals that you love.

Get professional results without professional footage

Pixel_Encoder uses your source footage as a reference to create its own animations, so you can achieve studio quality results no matter what you’re shooting with—even your cell phone.

I shot the video above in my apartment with one light and a black sheet.

Now it’s one of my favorite clips.

Save 10% and get all the tools you need to create brain-melting pixel animations.




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38 grungy pixel elements made to pump up your editing game. Drag and drop to create stunning visuals with ease. 





Modular video converting system for Adobe After Effects CC. Create eye-catching pixel animations and export to use in any software!