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Glitch Control

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Modular effect plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Create classic and new glitch effects with incredible ease.


– User-friendly effect plugin for creating classic glitch art
- Modular design for greater customization and faster processing
– 4 effect modules (RGB Controls, Displacement, Stretch, and Color cycle)
– Compatible with After Effects and Premiere Pro


SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5+ or Adobe After Effects CS5+
HARDWARE: 2.4ghz processor or higher
MEMORY: 8gb RAM or higher (16+ recommended)
STORAGE: 10.1mb of available storage space
OS: Windows 7+ or MacOS 10.15+


Cut Through The Learning Curve

I've loved glitch art for as long as I can remember, but what I haven't loved is how hard it is to achieve even the most simple glitch effects. I built Glitch Control so you could stop spending time searching through endless tutorials, and start creating the looks you love.

With Glitch Control, you'll be glitching your heart out in no time.

Glitch Control features 4 effect modules:

RGB Controls

Achieve the classic RGB split effect with the click of a button. The perfect tool for any glitch art toolbox.


Easily animate choppy glitch effects with the displacement module. Use it once for a simple repetition or add multiple instances to get really crazy.


Stretch your pixels across the screen in classic glitch-y fashion. Use it alone to transition between clips or blend it with other modules for added flair.

Color Cycle

Quickly create psychedelic sequences from any footage. Perfect for adding that extra kick to your project.

Accelerate Your Workflow

No one likes being bogged down by their tools. As digital artists, we use software and plugins to push our work to new limits, so, when they hold us back, it can be incredibly frustrating. That's why Glitch Control was built with ease-of-use at front of mind.

Quit fighting your tools, and start harnessing them.

Toss The Presets, And Try Something Custom

If you like making glitch art, then you've probably seen the thousands of presets out there. And, if you've seen them, then so has everybody else. Glitch Control gives you the power to create custom transitions, effects, and more with just a few clicks.

Don't get caught using the same pre-made assets as everybody else.

Gain A Deeper Control Over Your Image

Glitch Control reaches down and alters your images pixel-by-pixel to create otherwise impossible effects. For example, the Color Cycle module distorts the actual RGB value of each pixel in your image to create it's crazy psychedelic visuals.

You just can't do that with native effects.

Easily create classic glitch art in
seconds with Glitch Control





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